The Snake Lady

Lia Vinova is an atypical artist, endowed with shocking peculiarities: snakes and fire.
On penetrating rhythms, she dances according to the undulations of her reptiles with a stunning sensuality.

Dancer and actress by her formation, Lia Vinova decides to combine her artistic work with her fascination with reptiles. During specialized training, she refines her knowledge of these animals to exercise her activity and create her company: Charmeuse de Serpent.
Approved by the Ministry of the Environment and capable of presenting to the public, Lia Vinova provides a service carried out in complete safety, with the greatest respect for the rules in force and the welfare of animals.

This charismatic artist seduces a large audience by offering unusual shows. To the rhythms of haunting music, Lia Vinova dances in harmony with the undulations of her snakes, with power and slowness. Over the course of her artistic adventures, the Snake Charmer evolves her performances by integrating elements of the extreme like fire and by partnering with artists who trust her to create acts on the borders of cabaret, burlesque and magic.

Since 2005 Lia Vinova offers tailor-made shows unanimously recognized for their magical power, and opens at the end of 2017 surrounded by her precious “circle” of artists formed over the course of her career, her show production company: Snake Circle.

In addition to her shows, Lia Vinova puts her reptiles at the service of the most beautiful images for the realization of photo or video, artistic or advertising projects.

Because she is keen to share her passion, Lia Vinova also runs workshops for adults and children, in complete comfort and safety. Snake and Drink and Goûtez au Serpent are a unique opportunity to learn about the wild and complex beauty of snakes in a friendly atmosphere. Snake A Pose will take the more adventurous to the studio, in front of the lens of a professional photographer.

At the same time, Lia Vinova writes and directs plays, including Heroïne, an introspective journey between oriental dances, fusions, theater, music and poetry, which explores the existential twists and turns of a being, naive as incisive. All as herself.

Through the magic of the show, the strength of team building or the subtlety of the approach during the workshops, many phobic people were able to allay their fear. It even sometimes flew away to give way to an undisguised attraction to snakes, thanks to the gentleness, benevolence and charm of Lia Vinova.

Let yourself be enchanted