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Lia Vinova,
The Snake Lady

They talk about the Snake Lady

Press clippings

Le Dauphiné Libéré

Lia Vinova in Le Dauphiné Libéré (by Sidonie MARS)

Extract: "[...] For an evening, musical and taste notes gripped the room, leading it on a refreshing cultural journey, between joy and melancholy. An aesthetic experience to which the snake charmer, Lia Vinova, has greatly contributed, captivating the spectators as well with her grace as with her talent. For 20 minutes at the time of dessert like the icing on the cake, Beauty presented the Beast through a “tribal fusion” choreography. A dance for two, in harmony with the slow undulations of her serpent, Django. "
(Sidonie MARS, Le Dauphiné Libéré)


The Snake Lady with Marilou Berry

Marilou Berry, oh the ugly poisonous !
Marilou Berry is certainly hot in the movie "Vilaine", but she gets along so well with the critters that are supposed to whistle on our heads. What the actress, daughter of Josiane Balasko, demonstrated by not parading at the party organized by Make Up For Ever. The brand has gone big to celebrate its own quarter of a century and has not hesitated to enlist the services of a snake charmer who visibly makes Marilou laugh softly. Psss ...

Palace Coste

LIA VINOVA in Palace Costes (by Cécile STROUK)

The snake charmer is rare in Paris. Lia Vinova has been charming snakes for five years. “They are solitary and fascinating animals that you have to get to know,” she says. With her imposing boa constrictor of 10 kilos and 3 meters long, her ball python (1.5 meters for 4 kilos) and her very particular choreographic style, the "tribal fusion", this young woman of 28 years from Haute- Savoie has succeeded in seducing the Parisian scene, by representing herself in places as trendy as La Belleviloise, La Nouvelle Eve, the Showcase or the Scopitone. "I tend to evolve my gig towards this dance, a patchwork of flamenco, hip-hop, kathak, bharata natyam and other oriental dances, because it recalls the waves of the snake," she explains. CECILE STROUK

LIA VINOVA in La Paname Burlesque Revue n°11

We all know the tragic story of Eve. She gave in to the infamous Satan who, in order to appease her, materialized into a serpent. I say it loud and clear: No snake however mighty could have yielded to this. And although the tension was palpable in the room (think so, snakes, real ones !!!!), all that tension evaporated before Lia Vinova's presence. With her hypnotic gaze, Lia was sweating beauty and sensuality through every pore. And like Lady Tornado's bunny, I gave so much to become a cylindrical, elongated body for even a moment. And so, walk on Lia's shoulders. Life is unfair, isn't it?

Burlesque Show at Bal des Princesses

I must admit that the number that fascinated me the most was Lia Vinova's. A real stage game, like a princess who becomes a wild Amazon, to finish with a pretty snake on her body. No stripping, but a nice show. When she descended into the audience and allowed some of the audience to touch her snake, I wish I was in her way. It’s the number I’ve been waiting for the most and it’s the one that blew me away the most although according to my geek, it was nothing exceptional. Well, yes anyway.

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