Initiatory workshop


Meeting of several curious on a theme related to snakes in a warm atmosphere.

Discovery workshop, followed by a drink!

Open the gate of snake's fascinating world with Lia Vinova.

You will discover and handle several exotic species. You will also get to know those who are hiding in France to better understand them in the event of an impromptu meeting!

Relaxed atmosphere

Around a drink and some sweets

The discussion will continue around a drink, a glass and some sweets to reward practice and share in a relaxed atmosphere.

Gather your friends and organize YOUR Snake & Drink!

Ambiance détendue

Autour d'un verre et de quelques douceurs

La discussion se poursuivra autour d’un drink, un verre et quelques douceurs pour récompenser la pratique et partager dans une ambiance détendue.

Réunissez vos amis et organisez VOTRE Snake & Drink!